A Walk in the Park Around the World

When on holiday how many of us seek out the parks which are free to enter and offer a peak into the country’s flora and fauna? The expansive green areas in busy city centers host entertainment events year-round and a slice of natural beauty from the well-manicured lawns, blooming flower beds, artistic statues, and flowing fountains.  

Central Park, New York

It comes as no surprise that the most famous park in the world is Central Park. It’s featured in dozens of TV programs and films, but where exactly is it? Located in New York, in the central area of Manhattan. It is a sprawling 843 acres in size and has about 35 thousand visitors walking through its gates making it the most visited park in the whole of the US. The mostly curving pathways guide you through to the many attractions such as the zoo, Shakespeare Garden, castle, 57-horse carousel, ice-rink, lakes, and landscaped points of interest. And if you fall in love with it you can “adopt a bench” and leave your mark.  

New York Central park
New York Central Park

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore 

Located in Singapore, this is the most famous garden for tourists and visitors alike. Spread over an amazing 101 hectares it has three waterfront gardens at the Marina Bay.

There are 18 supertrees at the grove, they are man-made from concrete and wrapped in a steel frame where plants grow giving the appearance of the trunk being alive. The man-made tops of the supertrees stand at a height of 50 meters above ground forming a canopy for shade during the day and a light show at night. There is a walkway for visitors that connects the trees at a height of 22 meters, offering a bird’s eye view of Marina Bay and the tallest supertree even has an observatory. There is so much to see on the ground level including a visit to the cloud forest, a flower dome, art sculptures, floral fantasy, and a garden pod.Singapore Gardens by the Bay


Hyde Park, London

Since 1637, Hyde Park has been an attraction in London. Located in the heart of Central London it spreads over 350 acres of land. It connects with Kensington Gardens which is 275 acres big making a combined green space of over 600 acres. It is within walking distance to many of the main attractions in the park from Buckingham Palace to Marble Arch to the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington. Known for its famous Speakers Corner located in the northeast corner, members of the public can speak lawfully about any topic. Running through the middle of the park is the Serpentine Lakes which offers boating on rowboats or pedolo’s. With landscaped gardens and hundreds of varieties of trees, visitors can delight in over 100 varieties of roses. There is the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. Hyde Park hosts the Winter Wonderland amusement park.

A cityscape view through the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park
A cityscape view through the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park

Stanley Park, Vancouver

Located in central Vancouver this 405-hectare park offers so many attractions and points of interest for visitors. The park is surrounded by Bays and thus offers the added attraction of shoreline and beaches. Originally home to indigenous tribes there is an arrangement of First Nation totem poles that can be seen. In the middle of the park is the Vancouver Aquarium where you can see exhibits from penguins to mangrove forests. The English influence can be heard every evening at 9 pm as the sound of cannon fire.

Totems in Stanley Park, Vancouver Canada


Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

The Jardin du Luxembourg or ‘Luco’ as it is known in Paris is an iconic park. Set on 60 acres its landscaped gardens are filled with pear and apples trees, flowers, a circular lake, and statues. Visit the stunning Palace of Luxembourg with its beautiful French architecture. There is a miniature Statue of Liberty in the western garden. Visit the first museum opened in Paris right here on the grounds. And for entertainment, you can go boating in the lake, and play sports such as basketball ad tennis. And take it all in with French pastries from the surrounding cafes.

The Luxembourg Palace in The Jardin du Luxembourg
The Luxembourg Palace in The Jardin du Luxembourg